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Lumion 3D the new way of creating stunning visualizations!


It renders great movies and images
in a fraction of the time.
It saves YOU time, effort and money.
Its easy to learn and uses.
For exterior and interior rendering
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Lumion 4.0 Preview
Lumion will revolutionize your
creative workflow!

Lumion 4 Upgrade Includes :
- Text and Titles Editor
- Detailed 3D Grass
- Sketchup (.SKP) File Support
- Falling leaves and Autumn Colors
- and more....
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Free Lumion 4 Upgrade

Order now Lumion and
get Lumion 4 Upgrade for free

Pro and Standard Edition.

Lumion 3D for Revit rendering .
visualization revolution

Lumion 3D for Revit rendering
visualization revolution.
The fastest way to visualize
and render videos.
Easy workflow from from
Revit to Lumion. Render videos
of your models in minutes, ...
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Lumion 3.2 Available Now!

-Improved work flow
-Global illumination
-3D sound
-Plannar reflection
-Amazing new Skys
-And more..
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Lumion 3D the ideal
SketchUp render solution!

How do is work :
The models export complete with
all used materials from
SketchUp to Lumion.
In Lumion we can add just
the imported materials....
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Because Lumion 3D lets you create stunning visualizations in no time. The  amazing technology enables you to setup you scene in real time and render jaw dropping images in a seconds and movies in minutes. Check out this video to see your self how you can benefit from using Lumion 3D and how you can create an amazing scene from your 3d model in  less then 10 minutes!

Fast setup and quick rending thats what Lumion 3D all about!