Lumion 3.0 ReleasedLumion 3.0 Released

Lumion 3.0  is a new breakthrough and serious alternative for traditional rendering and visualizations.

When visualization is not your primairy profession you need software that’s easy to pick up. You need something that gets the job done and you can rely on. Ease of use combined with speed and excellent results is what makes Lumion unique.
The new version improves on these key areas but also offers an interesting collection of new features. New features include global illumination, new 3D sound capabilities,accurate reflections on planar surfaces, accurate rendering of multiple layers of glass, new high quality tree models, enhanced character models, improved sky rendering with volumetric clouds and video texture support.

Whats new in Lumion 3.0?

  • Reflections: Effortlessly create accurate reflecting surfaces. his feature is very useful for glossy floors, mirrors and many other reflecting surfaces. Accurate reflections can be enabled by defining planes in the scene. All surfaces in the defined plane will then automatically display accurate reflections.

lumion 3d 3.0 reflection + GI

  • Make more realistic renderings than ever before with brand new global illumination lighting! This feature simulates light bouncing off surfaces. When light hits a surface, a part of the light bounces back and illuminates nearby surfaces. This sophisticated extension of the lighting algorithm is an easy way to enhance the level of realism in your visualizations. By enabling global illumination, images look warmer and more natural. And the additional subtle color tones enhance the overall look of images and movies.
lumion 3d 3.0 global illumationation GI
  • Add 3D ambient sounds to your scene to enhance the overall experience. The advantage of 3D sounds is that they adapt the sound volume, pitch and direction according to the position of the camera. A rich new Sound Library makes it easy to create the perfect sound stage by providing a wide variety of ambient sounds. For example sounds of thunder, rain, crowds and much more. (sound is only for Lumion Pro version)
  • Extended Model library: Most noteworthy is the addition of many new high quality plant and tree models. We have also created a whole range of new animated 3D people in a variety of everyday poses. (About 300 new model for Pro and 89 for standard edition)

  • Amazing skies: Lumion already had one of the most sophisticated sky rendering systems in the industry. With version 3 you can define the lighting, density and shape of the clouds for exampleAnother major new feature is the Volumetric Clouds effect.

  • Editor enhancements: There are countless improvements throughout Lumion 3.0. One major change is that you can now build your scene while all the movie effects are turned on.
  • Floating license system: Lumion 3.0 has a fully floating license system with automatic license activation and de-activation.
  • In Lumion 3.0, you will be able to use MP4 files as video textures. This opens up a whole range of possibilities. For example animated advertisement signs, working TVs and projector screens for concerts.

Lumion 3.0 will make your visualisation look even better so make sure you get your copy now! Buy Lumion 3.0 here

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