Lumion 3.2 is released! Lumion 3.2 has new features and fixes.

One of the key functions of Lumion which made it so successful, is because the software is easy to use. 3D Objects and scenes can be imported easy from many different 3D modeling packages. And as it goes, there need to be updates done of the imported model which goes seamlessly in Lumion 3.2. In the new version the importing has been further improved with an updated Revit® 2014 exporter and a dedicated  ArchiCAD® exporter. Lumion 3.2 workflow from other 3d modeling packages revit sketchup archicad Navigation now goes faster as before with the new ‘teleport’ option. The Lumion Materials can now be changed and tweaked by changing the tone / RGB color. Also now in the movie mode, movie effects can now be controlled with hide/unhide option. lumion 3.2 new Flag custom texture The Lumion 3.2 update has also many improvements to shadows, reflections, clouds, materials editing and underwater effects. Flag as now also a new function you can add now a custom textures, so you can add a company logo or any hidden message ;) and this will blow in the wind!


  • New Hide/unhide switch for individual Movie effects.
  • New colour function for Standard and Stock Materials (Brick, Wood etc).
  • Animated flags now include a custom texture option in the Edit properties menu.
  • Navigation: Pressing the Shift and Spacebar keys makes it possible to move the camera very fast.
  • Navigation: It is now possible to instantly teleport to another location in the scene by double-right-clicking on a model surface.



  • The scale of newly added Nature objects is now randomized by +/-15% by default to add more variation to scenes.
  • Terrain: Raising the terrain in one area no longer makes distant ALT-copied models in a different area move vertically (this only applies to models that were ALT-copied in 3.2).
  • Reflection Control object is now a uniform size regardless of how far away it is. This should make it easier to locate it in scenes.
  • Reflection Control object: The Reflection Control object can now only be added to a scene once.
  • Lights & Special objects browser: The tab is no longer empty if you go there from another object category tab with more than 2 pages, the first time you open the Lights & Special objects browser tab.
  • Lights & Special objects browser: Spotlights and Omni/Point lights are now in separate tabs.
  • Fill lights now have their own property menu (separate from Spotlights) via Edit properties.
  • Lights: The Scale function has been disabled as it isn’t used for anything.
  • Transformation -> Lock position: If you rotate a tree while locked and then unlock & move it, it no longer rotates.
  • Terrain: White custom textures now make the terrain properly white.
  • Move model + F key: It turned out to be impossible to make this function work in all situations, so it will now only work on surfaces that ‘face the sky’, i.e. not on 90 degree walls or surfaces that are facing the ground (less than 90 degrees).
  • The ‘Rotate Heading‘ gizmo no longer turns invisible after rotating the pitch of a user-imported model by 90 degrees.
  • Build mode with effects -> Light properties -> Target Light: The camera no longer moves to the previous postion and gets stuck in a user-submitted scene.
  • Trees/plants -> Rotate heading: The Shift key now works as expected again.


  • Waterfall & Water material: The distortion effect when applying these materials to vertical surfaces has been improved.
  • Waterfall material: It’s now easier to see foam in shaded areas.
  • Diffuse Texture slot: The 50MB .MP4 size cap is no longer enforced on large images.
  • Diffuse texture file window -> Scrollwheel movement no longer has an influence on camera movement.
  • Material assignment: Green overlay is no longer visible on top of the Material ‘bar’.
  • The Glass material was adjusted as a maximum Transparency slider value made it look like the colour function was not working.
  • Tiles_002_1024: Planar reflections should no longer be offset.
  • Warped glass in a user-submitted scene has been fixed.


  • Importing assets with file/folder names that contain special characters now results in an error message instead of an empty model with a huge bounding box.
  • Textures with names that include special characters (e.g. é, á etc) now work correctly if loaded on a PC with a language setting that matches the setting that the name was typed with.


  • Man_African_0003_Ball now has a bounding box again.
  • The texture of Car_016 has been fixed (incorrect logo along one side).
  • 3D people: The material has had to be made less reflective in order to prevent plastic-like skin in scenes with a high-contrast 360 degree Reflection Texture.
  • Cars no longer have missing wheels in an old user-submitted scene.


  • Sun shadows are no longer baked onto the Water material at night.
  • Shadows are no longer clipped incorrectly while the camera is moving.
  • The abrupt transitions of shadows that are further away from the camera have been made smoother.
  • Advanced Move: The wheels of animated cars no longer spin very fast when moving sideways.
  • Advanced Move effect: This effect no longer overrides transform changes in Build mode after going from Movie mode to Build mode.
  • Underwater effect: On/Off state now also affects the ocean.
  • Underwater effect: The distortion effect has been improved.
  • Noise effect: Intensity and Size can now be keyframed.
  • Reflection effect: A new threshold slider now makes it possible to include/exclude ‘nearly parallel’ surfaces in each reflection plane.
  • 360 degree Reflection Texture: The 360 degree Reflection Texture is now also projected onto reflective mirrored models in planar reflections.
  • 360 degree Reflection Texture: This is now updated if you pause a movie during playback.
  • 360 degree Reflection Texture: Reflective materials of objects in a planar reflection now use the new material colour function for determining the reflected colour.
  • 360 degree Reflection Texture: It should no longer look dimmer than in previous versions.
  • Reflection effect: A green overlay is no longer overlapping the user interface elements at the bottom of the screen.
  • Sun effect: Sun Height is now capped at 0.99 to prevent the sun shadows from flickering.
  • The specular value of the sun has been reduced a bit on the 360 degree Reflection Texture and on planar reflections in order to make it smaller.
  • Show/Hide Layer effects are now available in Photo mode.
  • Planar reflection vs Shadow clipping: Shadows are no longer clipped when you move the camera closer to reflected objects in a user-submitted scene.
  • Advanced Move effect: Incorrect green overlay is no longer visible while dragging mouse cursor from timeline slider onto objects.
  • Glass material: This material should now look correct on Custom map output renderings.
  • Glass material: Fog now also affects a coloured Glass material without a texture.
  • Snow effect: Snow is no longer visible on planar reflection planes and outside the editable Lumion terrain when Snow Layer = 0.
  • Snow effect: Material ID on terrain is no longer incorrect (It used to stretch into the sky, even when no terrain was visible there).
  • Clouds effect: Real-time clouds in planar reflections are now rendered onto a 360 degree sky texture instead.
  • Clouds effect: Clouds no longer disappear after moving the camera far away from 0,0,0.
  • Flickering clouds in a user-submitted scene have been fixed.
  • Material ID: Renderings are now anti-aliased and a unique ID colour is assigned to the terrain.
  • Material ID: Identical colours should now no longer be applied to different materials.
  • Material ID: The sky and the terrain are now assigned separate Material ID colours.
  • Material ID custom map: The terrain Material ID for the terrain is no longer 2 separate material colors when the ocean overlaps it.
  • Near Clip Plane effect: The slider now works as expected when placing the camera high above the Lumion terrain.
  • Models that are below the terrain are now clipped correctly along the edge of the editable part of the terrain.
  • Clip -> Single image: In a user-submitted scene with an animated sun, the last sun keyframe is no longer rendered instead of the actual timeline position.
  • Shadow effect: Changing some of the sliders no longer causes the sky to recalculate.
  • Global Illumination effect: The Pen button is now a Lightbulb button.
  • Global Illumination effect: The camera no longer gets stuck in a user-submitted scene while enabling/disabling Global Illumination for individual spotlights.
  • Movie mode: The U shortcut key is now disabled while typing in a clip name.


  • Lumion Viewer: Sound is now always on, regardless of whether ‘Mute sound‘ is turned on in last open Lumion session on that PC.
  • Sounds on a Layer that was hidden in Build mode are now also muted in MP4s.
  • There is no longer an audible pop at the beginning of MP4s.
  • Mute sound: When Mute sound is on, sound is no longer audible after finishing the rendering of an MP4.
  • Sound effect: The Music volume slider now works as expected again.


  • Lumion Viewer: Internet access is no longer required.
  • Lumion Viewer: A desktop icon is now added once the installation is complete.
  • A checklist is now shown if a user has connection problems while starting Lumion.
  • DwgReader.dll warning message should no longer appear if Lumion is installed on a PC with a new version of Windows.
  • Resizing the Lumion window twice in a very specific order no longer makes it possible to ‘inherit’ Nature models from a previously loaded scene.
  • The Reflection Control object is now moved 50m above the terrain in new scenes to avoid incorrect reflections.
  • Changelist.txt has been removed from the installer as we now provide release notes on the website.
  • The titlebar now says Lumion 3.2.
  • Mute sound: New Mute sound (editor only) tooltip.
  • Safe mode (Escape key): Tooltips in lower right corner are now hidden as they do not apply to this mode.
  • Wegner Villa Demo: A couple of ‘flying’ rocks are now on the ground again.
  • Wegner Villa Demo: The pool water has been lowered a little.
  • River template scene: Some redundant clips and effects have been removed.
  • White terrain template scene has been fixed so that you can add different terrain material presets to it.
  • Benchmark: GPU Memory should now be closer to the correct amount on Titan cards.
  • Benchmark: A Tooltip was added to the Run DXdiag function in order to inform people that it takes a while to complete this operation.
  • Benchmark: A negative CPU score is no longer possible.
  • Benchmark: A CPU score of 1000 now results in coloured bars again.