Lumion 4.5 Update Preview

Get ready for Lumion 4.5. The new version improves on key strengths while delivering essential new features at the same time. In total more than one hundred improvements are made and the character model library now includes many new models and animations. Improved shadow functions result in high detail shadows and even shadows at long ranges now look sharp. Workflow has been improved in several areas. You now have the ability, for example, to import content from one project into another project. The content browsers now include the option to define favorite items so you can quickly find them.

New Character Models And Animations

Lumion 4.5 Pro includes 24 new character models. The models increase ethnic diversity of the character library and also provide several new animations and poses.  The new models include several business people, people involved in sporting activities, a woman with a baby carriage, people sunbathing and even some people swimming. With these new models it’s easier than ever to bring your visualizations to life.
lumion 4.5 people1

Improved Shadows And Reflections

The shadow effect now includes an option for three quality levels. This allows you to create ultra sharp shadow edges up to a level where you can see the individual leaves of a tree.  The shadow routines are completely rewritten to extend their range further in the distance while providing excellent sharpness at close ranges. The new enhancements particularly improve the quality of aerial shots and sun studies. Glossy surfaces are drawn with improved quality by removing errors and improving the filtering of the reflections. The amount of blur now accurately represents the glossiness and looks smoother. Light reflecting off surfaces now looks better as distracting visual errors are removed and this increases overall quality.

Workflow Enhancements

Pro users can now load their .ls4 file into an existing scene. After selecting a file the options is presented to import light, models, imports or any combination of them.  In Photo and Movie mode you can now copy-paste individual effects and you can save and load entire effect stacks. This is great to store your favorite effects to disk for use in another project. The content browser allows you to add models to your favorites list so you can quickly find them later. When you have assigned one or more favorites, a new tab will appear listing all your favorite models. Moving, rotating and sizing models now offers more detailed control. The new user interface allows you to type in values or use sliders to orientate, size or position models.
lumion 4.5 merge

Automated Lights

Lights now have an extra setting which makes them turn on automatically at night. They can be randomized so they do not turn on all at once. With this feature enabled, all you have to do is animate the sun position to create a nice effect for night scenes.
lumion 4.5  lights

Configurable Sun And Moon Disc Size

Create artistic images by enlarging the moon. In real life if you want to enlarge the moon you have to use the zoom angle of your camera.In Lumion 4.5 you can directly control the size of the moon with a movie or photo effect.

lumion 4.5 moon
Lumion 4.5 is expected to be available on May 1st 2014.