Lumion customer stories

Lumion customer stories and testimonials

Quotes are collected from Lumion users form

Business success

  • …I am getting work like never before. (…) And can produce 300% more visualizations with Lumion in the same time.
    – Modelhead
  • Lumion allows us to very quickly convey design ideas to clients and has dramatically enhanced our presentations, leading to even more work; a blessing in this economy.
    – Chase Percer
  • (…) actually I am reluctant for others to know how good this software is.
    – Simoni
  • It’s so easy, anyone can use it. You have fast renderings and no complicated settings. And … just seeing the expression on the client’s face when they watch a video and say: “Wow! It looks just like real life.” It’s very satisfying!
    – vikimvr