Lumion 3D Tutorials

Lumion 3D Tutorials

Below you find the first video tutorials for Lumion. They are Lumion 1.x based but still can guide you through the first step on getting you started with this amazing render software.

Lumion video tutorials

Click on the image to open the video tutorial.

Lumion Tutorial 5: Making movies

In this movie we show how easy you can make movies in Lumion and apply the different movie effects.

Lumion Tutorial 4 : materials settings

This video shows the possible controls on the materials, this for terrain as on imported objects. Also how to import baked lightmaps is shown.

Lumion Tutorial 3 – Importing your model

This video show how you can ealy import your scene, in this video from SketchUp into Lumion. It also shows how you can easly change the materials and add additional objects.

Lumion Tutorial 2 : Building a scene

In this video you get the basic understanding how you can place and control 3d lumion objects in your scene

Lumion Tutorial 1 – Camera controls

First movie to get you used to the Lumion interface and the camera movement.

Download model source video 3

Download model source video 4